What we do

○ Varied experience in service, quality or environment
○ Creates customer uncertainty and frustration
Consistent, methodical, systematic
Customer Driven
○ High quality, differentiated experience
○ Aligned to the customers’ needs and values
○ Creates increased levels of customer advocacy
Customer Advocacy
Creating Customer Experience Heroes

We gain an understanding of your customers’ needs, expectations and what they value in their interaction. By understanding your customers’ expectations we better position your business to meet or exceed these expectations.

  • Qualitative customer research
  • Voice of the Customer models
  • Customer Effectiveness Surveys
  • Qualitative customer research – Determines customer needs, preferences and behaviours, that may lead to segmentation.
  • Voice of the Customer models – Involves gathering customer feedback, adding analytics to understand satisfaction drivers.
  • Customer Effectiveness Surveys – Customer Effectiveness surveys Post customer contact survey to gauge the effectiveness of the customer interaction against known customer preferences and propensity to advocate.

We develop customer service from the “outside in” or based on customer needs, rather than “inside out” based on organisational beliefs and constraints.

We work with you to design a tailored customer experience solution, ensuring the right organisational alignment and capability is developed to deliver these propositions effectively and efficiently.

  • Customer insights to service propositions
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • End to end service design

Our range of diagnostic tools measure performance to strategy and goals. The diagnostic outcomes allow for the creation of clear and effective strategic and operational business plans.

  • Knowledge and Procedural Guidance Effectiveness
  • Learning and Development Effectiveness
  • Leadership Styles and Culture
  • Customer Insights & Feedback
  • Employee Engagement
  • 8 Elements of Operational Edge
  • Workforce Management (WFM-7)

Great organisational design doesn’t happen by chance. It is the product of alignment between strategy, systems, and processes to accomplish organisational goals.

  • Goal alignment to strategy
  • Organisational structure to goals
  • Role and functional design
  • Cultural alignment to strategy
  • Change management
  • Leadership development and sales, service training

Using our experience and the principles of good design we analyse what works well and what doesn’t and we implement solutions that align to business objectives.

We help you understand the root cause allowing for a clear and targeted performance improvement plans. We educate your team on how to deliver and put in place measurable systems and processes, which will see you continually improve performance.

  • Performance Driver Analysis
  • Variation Management
  • Workforce Management (WFM-7)
  • Coaching and Performance Management
  • Recruit-Induct-Retain & Engage Model